Writing another command after sudo dd (urgently)

I started process of burning my iso file to usb using “sudo dd” and I thought, that to show the progress of burning I need to type the same command again with “status=progress”, but then I realized that I should have done it all in the one, first command.
I have a question, because after burning an iso image, terminal copied the command with “status=progress” again and required the password. Did I interrupt the burning after typing the same command, after the progress is already started? Or, if it was copied to my terminal again after the process, terminal just waited for burning to complete and then asked me to run the second command? Did I corrupt any files by this actions? (When it typed the second command and required password I typed wrong password so the process won’t start again)

If you didn’t provide the correct password then the command won’t have been executed.

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But the fact that I’ve typed command while the process of burning won’t affect my bootable USB files?

No, because the command wasn’t executed.

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Thanks for your help! Have a good day!

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