WPS office on pinebook pro with sway

Hi, I have switched from i3 on my pinebook pro to sway. On i3 I was able to run wps office installed from wps-office-cn AUR package. Now when I install same package, I do have application entries in menu, but if I click on them absolutely nothing happens. Also If I try running it from command line I get no log in terminal, or anywhere that I could find. Any help or idea is welcome, as I have no clue how to start debugging this.

WPS Office seems to be a commercial product, so you will need to ask the company behind it for support.

But my guess would be that WPS does not run on Wayland, but is Xorg/X11 only.

That was my guess also, but then I found a topic on reddit where somebody said that he is running wps office on manjaro with gnome on wayland. They don’t mention architecture, but I guess it is x86. So I thought to ask here if somebody has done it on arm.
And I definitely don’t have enough patience to go through commercial support, anyway I don’t think that linux version is supported since it is free, unlike windows version which needs licence.

Any output when you run the executable from a terminal?

I finally managed to make it run. First of all wps binary is actually bash script, and it redirects all output stdout and stderr to /dev/null, so that is why it has no output. After removing redirection I got some errors and started from there. At the end this is command line that I need to use in order to make it run:

LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libfreetype.so QT_QPA_PLATFORM=“xcb” wps

Any advice on how to do this automatically, so I don’t have to start it from command line? Is it best to add this to .desktop file, or something else?

You could add:


to your /etc/environment, to have it enabled at boot.

Or, you can copy the .desktop file to ~/.local/share/applications/ and change the Exec= line to what you did in the terminal to make it run.

Thinking about it, the second solution is probably the best, as it does not interfere with any other applications.

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This is what I did at the end.
In /etc/environment changed line
so x11 is used as fallback if wayland is not available. It looks like wps comes with itsown qt libraries.

Copied all wps .desktop files to .local/share/applications and changed Exec line like this
Exec=env LD_PRELOAD=’/usr/lib/libfreetype.so /usr/lib/libstdc++.so.6’ /usr/bin/wps %U

Now it loads without any errors.


Will add this to the defaults in the profile. Thanks for the heads-up…

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