Would my every setting recover if i just copy the home directory?

like panels’ positions, my cursor etc.
or should i just copy the File System for all of my settings.

All of your settings would be preserved, but do keep in mind that in order to have the same launchers available on your panel and in your menus, you would also need to have all the applications installed again that you installed yourself.

Also be sure to copy any and all files and directories starti8ng with . . By default they’re hidden, so it’s easy to miss them.

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so, is home directory would be enough to copy? or the file system, like all of them?

If you just want to keep the seeings/customization, should be fine. But copy your entire home directory, then all . (hidden) objects will also be copied. Provided you did not do any other customisations, as is very tempting, for example in /etc/ .

To find out what your home directory is, run the following:

echo ~

~ is a built-in alias to the current user’s home directory. Or you can use:

echo $HOME

$HOME is an environment variable that is set to the current user’s home directory. The same as ~.

Hope this helps.

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