Would Manjaro be right for me?

I’m a Debian based Linux user that has been using Parrot OS Home for a while. I use Parrot on my Desktop, and two of my laptops.

Right now I am thinking of using one of my laptops just for Manjaro because the audio driver on it does not work automatically, I’ve got it working a few days ago but after I re-wiped parrot on it to test it out I couldn’t get it to work again, as the firmware for the audio driver isn’t packaged inside the Synaptic Package Manager. And the firmware installation process for the audio is a pain to setup on Parrot.

I’ve tested Manjaro on it a few days ago and all worked well on it including the Audio. The main reason I like Parrot is because of Anonsurf and Debian.

So would this be a good choice for me and are there any good alternatives to Anonsurf that I can use on Manjaro? I was thinking of probably looking at nipe, whonix, or installing parrot on virtualbox on top of Manjaro.

Anyways thanks in advance.

Closest thing i could find is this GitHub - mach1el/GhostNET: GhostNET script that will help you be safer on the cyber which would work on arch but i’m not sure if it would work on manjaro but most arch based stuff should work on manjaro. Its not available on aur or the repos though so you have to install it manually.

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Thank you for your reply, I will try that out.

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What if we reply no to your question ?
Do you really think that any Manjaro user will reply anything but yes ?
That’s so simple to try a distro on a VM…with Boxes you have it in 5 minutes…

Manjaro is right. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: The question must be worded the other way:

Are you ripe for manjaro ? :wink:


If you need to ask - then it is not for you - there is really only one good choice for extreme privacy and that is QubesOS.

It comes with a steep learning curve but nothing really matches the level of security you get with Qubes.

The largest single vulnerability of any system is the user - that goes for Qubes as well - and with the learning curve you will be tempted to take shortcuts - even the shortcuts has a hard learning curve.


I’m able to learn how to use Manjaro, but I was mainly asking specifically for a Distro that would get my audio working without much hassle. I’ve already installed it and works to my liking.

I’ve decided to go with Manjaro; plus Manjaro and Arch are the two main Distros I see people with my laptop model say they use. I’ll just use my other laptop for privacy with Parrot and stick with Parrot on my desktop also. But the alternatives to Anonsurf works for me, don’t need anything as extreme as Qubes.



Thank you, I’ll give this a try also.