Would like to use XnView MP , possible?

Hi there.
I am very new to Mabox Linux 22.12 Istredd. My favorite Windows Picture Viewer/Manager is XnView. There is a XnView MP (link not allowed) available as a .deb file. In LinuxMint it was just a click on the file to install. But looking for a install procedure I found that .deb files are critical for Manjaro. What is the recommendation to try installing this .deb file?
Best Regards, Andreas

AUR (en) - xnviewmp

Please invest some time and familiarize yourself with what the Manjaro/Arch package manager is and how it works.

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Hi @NewMabox, and welcome!

This is the Manjaro Forum, and although Mabox is based on Manjaro, I don’t think Manjaro has anything to do with Mabox.

However, it seems XnView MP is in the AUR:

$ pamac search xnview
xnviewmp                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       1.4.0-3  AUR
An efficient multimedia viewer, browser and converter.

And since Mabox is Manjaro-based, it can probably be installed using:

pamac build xnviewmp
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Thanks for the quick answers. I just learnt to activate AUR in the software manager and was happy to find xnviewmp as option. Great!

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