Worth reformating main drive C:/ from NTFS to EXT4 before installing Manjaro?

Should I reformat my main drive that I will be installing Manjaro onto from NTFS to EXT4 before installing Manjaro? Is this possible?

I’ve reformatted my other 2 drives but then it dawned on me. If NTFS formatted drives cause issues in Linux then should I reformat my main drive as well before installing Manjaro? After all it will be the drive that the actual OS is installed onto. Makes sense to me to do it. Would like to know everyone else’s thoughts on this.

If the installer allows you to use an NTFS partition, you should report it as a bug.
It will probably remake the partition as BTRFS, but thats just my guess.


Manjaro Linux will not install to an NTFS filesystem, regardless. The installer will format the partition(s) for you.

You can format it as Ext4 in advance, but it won’t really save you much time.


It’s the way I’ve been doing it for years.

Depends which option you select during the installation.

But nothing “happens” until you continue to the proceeding steps.

Otherwise, yes, it will format the partitions during installation. Whether you select Ext4, XFS, Btrfs, or F2FS is your choice.

To play it safe, you can disconnect the other drive(s) when you install Manjaro, to prevent accidentally selecting the wrong drive on where to install the OS.

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Dismounting the extra drives is a good idea. I will do that. Thanks.

Thank you for your help. Greatly appreciated. =D

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