World of Warcraft font issue

Hi All,

I gave into the temptation to try WoW again. No issues with running the game via Lutris + corefonts installed in the prefix.

I have odd visual issue with all fonts in the game. They look like this

and for all I know they should look like this

Same addons and config setup are used in both screenshots (while the second one in not taken from the game running on Linux tho).

I’m using GNOME with 2560x1080 screen resolution.

Thank you for any help / insight you can offer.

Looks like the font arial is using here.

Maybe try to replace the font with something that fits your needs? winetricks should be your friend to install new fonts into that prefix. Maybe the dpi of wine is high? Check it with winecfg. It has nothing to do with gnome3.

Thank you for your prompt reply!

I have used this one to install the game. The font on the screenshot is one of “best” looking fonts - the other are … let’s just say NOK. I went at some point to add allfont package

I have played a bit with the Winetricks and tested font smooting bgr, disable, gray and rgb options. In my case the rgb option look better overall.

I have followed your your advice to change the DPI I went from 96 to 480+ (now I have to look fo a way to decrease it, as the slider is out of screen :sweat_smile:), yet no joy.

Edit: found it :wink: 5 times tab + 11 left arrow brings it back to 96 DPI.

Also this is how the launcher looks itself.

Just search a bit: world of warcraft replace default font at DuckDuckGo Only installing the fonts won’t do it for wow ingame, while the launcher will use the system fonts you have installed.

This is irregular for certain. I assume you installed the game via the supplied lutris script?
What wine version are you using? Lutris 5.7.8 works best I have found, my fonts and the window decorations are perfect.

I’m running Wine Staging 5.20 to make it work. I was not able to make it run without throwing errors with other version.

I just slapped myself on the forehead - by accident I pressed reset camera button (HOME) and … MAGIC happen.

All fonts went crispy clear!

Then I was like, hm … I recall testing vkBasalt not long ago. Bingo! Running Wine logs alongside and yeah, vkBasalt is loaded and enabled.


Here is the result, for comparison.

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