World In Conflict ("old" RTS game, win7 times) from GOG

Steam starts the installer of WiCCE normally with Proton Experimental; when the setup is complete and I click on launch I can play normally. But when I want to start the game without the installer, it only shows me a black or gradiented screen. I hear the sound of the video sequences and I can click them away, but it won’t show the menu then, only a black screen. welp, at least it shows the game’s mouse cursor …

You can try using GOG through Lutris. You can also use GloriousEggroll’s wine-ge-custom with it too if you want. It’s similar to his proton-ge-custom, which is for Steam.

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thnx, will try that rn!! :hugs:

welp … that didn’t work … or I did smthn wrong while trying Lutris …? hm …

just fyi, I still am trying to figure this out … would still appreciate input … T^T

Had to create an account to reply to you lol. Hopefully, you have WIC running by now but if you don’t I’ve just installed it and after some tweaking got it finally running. Ok so first off I installed it via lutris. Once it finished downloading from GoG (which only works from the Lutris interface AFTER you enter your GOG dot com username and password into the little security symbol next to the GOG menu option) and then got done installing it would launch from Lutris but only gave a black screen. I could hear the audio but not see anything. I killed the game and in the lutris interface right click on the “World In Conflict” badge. Choose CONFIGURE from the right click menu, check the box at the bottom that says SHOW ADVANCED OPTIONS and then click the RUNNER OPTIONS tab. Disable the “Enable DXVK” option then scroll wayyy down and enable the “Windowed (virtual desktop)” option. You can choose a resolution on the next line but when it launches it will default back to the max resolution and resize the window. Hope this helps you.

Oh, I also enabled Winetricks on the same menu but not sure if that helped but it didn’t hurt. Looking to try to get WarCraft III reforged to work next.

well, thank you for creating an account just to help me!! ^^ will try it rn … will keep y’all posted