Workspaces in show applications menu appear distorted (Gnome 40)

Hello, I recently switched from the stable to the testing branch and started playing around with Gnome 40. I noticed that most (if not all) the extensions manjaro uses are working properly now. Pop-shell might have been the trickiest one to adapt, since I was using their keybindings (some of the commands in the shell script they have had to be changed a bit here and there).

However, I noticed that while I was in the show applications menu, the workspaces I have open appear distorted, i.e., the background image is squeezed and the windows open at each workspace appear beneath it:

Is this normal/expected? From what I’ve seen in other screenshots/screencasts, these panes should be larger and the apps’ windows should be stacked on top of the workspace, shouldn’t they?

This is not really a big deal, I’m very happy with this setup. I just like eye candy. Thanks in advance!

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An extension called “Native windows placement” was causing this issue, it was fixed after removing it. I was using it with Gnome 3.38 but I no longer needed it. If I’m not mistaken I believe this extension came preinstalled. Anyway, if anyone else is having the same issue, just remove/turn off that extension.

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