Workspace does not work right

I have a PC and laptop at home, both with Manjaro Mate.
Very comfortable to use 4 workspaces.
Now on vacation, installed Manjaro Mate on Notebook HP, 14 inches,
everything is great, except - the bottom bar shows all open apps, for everyone
I.e. if first AF has 3 apps, second has 4 apps, third has 2 apps,
You always see 9 apps that are open at the bottom.
For example, if I’m in second AF, I can work normally with 4 apps.
But bottom bar has 9, not 4 apps.
It would logically be 4 and other PC does just that.
Didn’t find it in settings.
Can someone help?
Thank you

It’s in the preferences for the Window List panel applet.

There’s a small section/gap just to the left of the left-most window in the window list, right click on that, then Preferences → Workspaces → Show windows from current workspace.

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