Working Color Picker for Wayland

I have already read this thread and it just doesn’t work, kcolorchooser no longer shows a picker. I also tested all other apps without success picking up colors from the screen …

Even when I open the app with env, the picker button is missing

exec=env QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME="qt5ct" kcolorchooser

any idea?

You use KDE 6, right? If yes you can use Color Picker plasmoid - it’s installed by default, you need only add it to panel or desktop :wink:


That tool just has some bugs. The functions work including on wayland.

You can notice, for example, in the colorschemes settings you can open the edit dialog with an identical interface for choosing colors and the button is there.

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There is also ColorGrab which might be worth looking at:

It is, however, getting a little long-in-the-tooth.

The KDE Colour Picker widget is my preference.



This should be fixed in the upcoming release of Plasma 6.1:

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In KColorChooser, the “Pick Screen Color” button is no longer missing on Wayland (Thomas Weißschuh, KColorChooser 24.05.1. Link)

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This thread bashes it out a little - there are a few options, but the plasmoid is great, then I use simple text files open with Kate with colour previews… because kcolourchooser actually works.

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