Workaround to fix Microsoft Edge based Web Apps not having there own ICON when WAYLAND is enabled

I had this issues when I enabled WAYLAND for ms-edge using the ~/.config/microsoft-edge-stable-flags.conf file


I was able to find the WMClass for the “App” after opening it using this


Once I knew that, all I had to do was rename the .desktop file based on it. Which was just adding _ to the name e.g.

mv msedge-hpfldicfbfomlpcikngkocigghgafkph-Default.desktop msedge-_hpfldicfbfomlpcikngkocigghgafkph-Default.desktop

And I got the “Icons” like how it was before. :slight_smile:

PS: (29-11-2022)

This worked but when the “App” receives a notification, clicking on it doesn’t focus to the app window.

For now, just switched to Firefox.

PS: (12-12-2022)

Seems like this issue is only present in MS Edge and works as expected in Chrome, Brave.