Work Around Xfce Panel and Whisker menu

I want to do experimental works on xfce . this is what i want to do briefly . I want to move battery and sound applet (or other desired applets ) from panel , to whisker menu .
I know this is not possible by the default . I want to make it happen . please help me .
This is what is looks like now .

I would like to move items , into the whisker menu . something like this .

Those are separate plugins. I do not think you can put plugin in another plugin.
Just set the panel to autohide if the icons are bothering you. Or hise the icons.

i know they are separate plugins .
i have hidden the 2nd panel already .
i only have a menu in the corner , and the 2nd panel is auto hidden .
as i said before i want to do experimental works on xfce4 . maybe this is a good idea for xfce5 :slight_smile:

If you have two xfce4-panels side by side, one holding the applets [you want] set to that width with a significant amount of [separators] and set to [autohide]

I bet you could achieve something like that whenever you clicked the whisker menu,
while not exact…think of it like a tiktok lifehack