WOL of RTL8125A is not available

I am using the on-board network card rtl8125 on MSI x570 ace, but WOL is not available. WOL works under win10.

uname -r

It seems that RTL8125B support has been added in the coming 5.9 kernel, so whether to fix the WOL fault of RTL8125A?

you need to install the driver from AUR.

  1. Activate the AUR repository in the sofware manager.
  2. Install yay
    sudo pacman -S
  3. Update the repos with
    sudo pacman -Syu
  4. Install the driver with
    yay -S r8521-dkms

Can the new driver help me?
And I can’t find r8521-dkms in AUR.

take a look at this link

After I modified pkgbuild, I finally successfully compiled r8125-dkms. Yes, it made my WOL work. I look forward to these revisions in Linux 5.9!

Glad it work!!!

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