Woke itself from sleep

Ever since I got my new mouse and keyboard my PC would wake itself from sleep. I had the same issue when I had Linux Mint installed, but fixed it with this solution. It did fix my problem, but that disabled the ability to wake by pressing a key on the keyboard and only allowed me to wake the PC by pressing the power button.

Is there a way to find out exactly what woke the PC?

If you’re only trying to determine if either the keyboard or the mouse is waking the pc, disconnect either one before sending it to sleep.
If it does not wake again, the disconnected device would be the culprit.

My mouse won’t wake the PC even when I click buttons and move it around. I fixed the problem with the help of the solution in my first post, but unfortunately that disables the ability to wake from a USB connected device completely. Is there anyway to find out exactly what input from the keyboard was received that awoke the PC?