WM support on Manjaro

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Why Manjaro stopped to give WM builds, like i3, bspwm etc…

Nowadays most people using only WM .

I saw that bspwm was supported before 2-3 y for example…

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i3 edition is still around I think.

But most of it boils down to, lack of maintainers.

Yeah…maybe in near future :slight_smile:

I myself don’t see the need of i3 or bspwm and sort of as Distro ISO. WMs are mainly made for tinkers and people who know what they are doing. So I stick to DWM and write my own configs. These builds are rather made for the “first experience” in my opinion. So at the end, users will use their own configs and do manual installation, which make theses ISOs useless at the end.

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the thing is that without Architect,I’m not sure if there’s a possibility to install Manjaro with a WM.
i recently installed “Mabox” in a VM (which is based o Manjaro),and really like it and consider to maybe move to it at some point,but I’d prefer having an official Open box edition.

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It’s still available as community version in the downloads section under Editions. I am not sure about your assessment the that most people use a tiling managers. The Xfce, Plasma, and GNOME desktop environments are the officially supported versions by Manjaro like many other distributions so those environments seem to be the most popular. :ok_hand:t2:

I personally install Manjaro Openbox via Architect. The community edition profile still works fine, which auto installs when you use architect. linux-aarhus manages Manjaro Openbox & LXQt.

And you can grab the LXDE / LXQt / Openbox ISOs here