Wlroots/hyprland issue

been play sway for a while, then want some eyes candy swayfx/hyprland.
and, since Hyprland into repos, setup & run OK.
but can not start firefox, some channels error…
anyone had this issue?

error message,
IPC close with reason=Abnormal shutdown.

Looking up that error on the internet it comes back as a firefox issue.

firefox can start on wlroots/sway.

btw, wlroots updated.
Arch & Alarm both 0.16.2-2 and ManjaroArm is 0.16.2-1.1 ??

Not according to their aarch64/extra mirror as of this posting.


build mesa-23.3-git, now firefox & chromium both start :smile:

since repos updated, back to mesa-23.1.7, no go.
so, rebuild mesa-git with llvm llvm-libs clang updated, done.

hyprland did not update after week, 0.30 updated.
by build in hand, upstream need GCC-13 :rofl: