Wlan interface does not show up on Orange Pi 3 LTS

Hello everyone, I’m currently trying to set up my Orange Pi 3 LTS on Manjaro Minimal, and I’m having issues, because wlan0 interface does not show up in “ip addr” command, and there’s no signs of it being present in dmesg. I don’t really want to use Ethernet port as it’s very unstable and can sometimes just not turn on, and I don’t want to use other OSes, like Armbian, because I like Arch-based systems very much. Can someone help me with this?


I installed linux-sunxi64 kernel from aur and found a module which somehow corresponds to Orange Pi’s WiFi adapter, sprdwl_ng, but I have trouble with it.
This is the output when modprobing:

[  180.377680] WCN: marlin_exit entry!
[  180.378082] WCN: log_cdev_exit
[  180.397441] WCN: marlin some subsys power is on, warning!
[  180.397445] WCN: marlin chip en dummy pull down -- need manually set GPIO 
[  180.397460] WCN: marlin_remove ok!
[  180.397554] WCN: [uwe_release]enter
[  180.397609] WCN: marlin_exit end!
[  188.556207] WCN: marlin_init entry!
[  188.556863] WCN: wcn config bt wake host
[  188.557143] WCN_ERR: dts node for bt_wake not found
[  188.557150] WCN: marlin2 parse_dt some para not config
[  188.562841] WCN: marlin_probe ok!
[  188.573683] WCN: start_marlin [MARLIN_WIFI]
[  188.573715] WCN: marlin power state:0, subsys: [MARLIN_WIFI] power 1
[  188.573726] WCN: the first power on start
[  188.681450] WCN: marlin chip en dummy pull up -- need manually set GPIO 
[  191.717443] WCN_ERR: wait SDIO rescan card time out
[  191.717469] WCN_ERR: chip power on fail

We face the same issue.

I have another firmware but didn’t test it yet.

I will try it tonight and share the result.

Any update on this?

Not yet. There is a new firmware which needs some testing.

So far this is a problem in most distro using 6.1 latest version kernel.

still nothing? Sorry if i’m being nosy, just wondering

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Yes didn’t get to try the new firmware they shared.

I will try to test it tomorrow hopefully.

Hello. Any update on this? Is there a link for gitlab issue to track?

any positive results?

I did test but there is no update as we need updated uboot and kernel.

Hello, I am also interested in this, installed manjaro for the opi3 just today. I like archlinux a lot but it seems it will take a while to see manjaro working for the opi 3. I would help but I have no idea of kernel developing. In the meanwhile, do you know if this was solved for the armbian kernel?