With latest update in Xfce, file manager is not displayed after “save as” action

With latest update, in xfce I can’t save files because file manager is not displayed after “save as” action, but in KDE I can. Which application is responsible for the save dialog? I don’t know how to search for it

I suspect this may be related to the problem I’ve been having with the portal service sometimes not firing up properly after login.

In my case (using KDE Plasma) I can get it to work by running:

systemctl --user restart xdg-desktop-portal
systemctl --user restart plasma-xdg-desktop-portal-kde

At a guess, one of the other xdg-desktop-portal packages will probably be needed for XFCE.

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… is fine for XFCE; as I understand it.

Package is not needed unless you want a portal

No, just xdg-desktop-portal-gtk — there’s no “3” at the end of the package name. :wink:

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Yes, that.

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Thanks. Apparently the problem is with Flatpak, because its applications do not access the portal

Well, portal is normally designed for flatpak and similar use cases. Try with xdg-desktop-portal-xapp