Wireshark not running on Manjaro due to QT library issue

Hey Everyone there,

I’ve been using Wireshark for quite a long time, but recently I’ve encountered one problem while running the executable of Wireshark through CLI.
The error message shows GUI ERROR i.e.,

 ** (wireshark:16904) 20:03:41.299467 [GUI ERROR] -- Cannot mix incompatible Qt library (5.15.2) with this library (5.15.7)
Aborted (core dumped)

I had a clue about what could go wrong but I wasn’t sure about it. For example, as I am using QT in some applications so maybe replacing QT with GTK can solve the issue, I tried this method as well but nothing happened. Later I thought, to update QT and its related applications, and this as well didn’t fix the issue.

I checked the journalctl and found this stack trace - Journalctl Wireshark Stack Trace

There’s a QT library mentioned in the error message Qt library (5.15.2), then I checked this library using the locate command in my system, but didn’t get any results, then I checked the QT library which is mentioned in the journalctl logs libQt5Core.so.5 i.e., using this library I got few results i.e.,


I don’t see any QT Library version 5.15.2 in the search results, even if I pass all these search results through ls -l and check out if they are linked to any different file, but nope, they are linked to libQt5Core.so.5.9.7, libQt5Core.so.5.15.7, libQt5Core.so.5.9.6, There’s no library 5.15.2 version of such file.

Can you guys please help me to solve this issue? I don’t want to start Wireshark as a root or not even in a chroot environment (or through sandboxing).

You can check out the JOURNALCTL logs here: https://gist.github.com/Himan10/0d13b95c7f17de9a5ea7a4f7a2f54dc5

I don’t know why after creating the topic it says “you can’t include links”

You have some QT library installed that is only version 5.15.2. Likely an AUR package that needs to be updated.

Please post output of:

pacman -Qs | grep "5.15.2"

Any of them related to qt5 needs to either be updated to 5.15.7 or removed.


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Hey there,

After running the pacman command with -Qs flag it shows a list of installed packages in local but there’s no package whose version matches with 5.15.2. Even all the QT packages have different and higher versions.

Take a look at it :

$ pacman -Qs | grep 5.15
local/pyside2 5.15.7-1
local/python-pyqt5 5.15.7-3 (pyqt5)
local/python-pyqt5-webengine 5.15.6-1 (pyqt5)
local/python-shiboken2 5.15.7-1
local/qt5-3d 5.15.7+kde+r6-1 (qt qt5)
local/qt5-base 5.15.7+kde+r177-1 (qt qt5)
local/qt5-declarative 5.15.7+kde+r25-1 (qt qt5)
local/qt5-graphicaleffects 5.15.7-1 (qt qt5)
local/qt5-imageformats 5.15.7+kde+r6-2 (qt qt5)
local/qt5-location 5.15.7+kde+r3-1 (qt qt5)
local/qt5-multimedia 5.15.7+kde+r1-1 (qt qt5)
local/qt5-networkauth 5.15.7-1 (qt qt5)
local/qt5-quickcontrols 5.15.7-1 (qt qt5)
local/qt5-quickcontrols2 5.15.7+kde+r7-1 (qt qt5)
local/qt5-script 5.15.11-2 (qt qt5)
local/qt5-sensors 5.15.7-1 (qt qt5)
local/qt5-speech 5.15.7+kde+r1-1 (qt qt5)
local/qt5-svg 5.15.7+kde+r9-1 (qt qt5)
local/qt5-tools 5.15.7+kde+r1-2 (qt qt5)
local/qt5-translations 5.15.7-1 (qt qt5)
local/qt5-virtualkeyboard 5.15.7-1 (qt qt5)
local/qt5-wayland 5.15.7+kde+r58-1 (qt qt5)
local/qt5-webchannel 5.15.7+kde+r3-1 (qt qt5)
local/qt5-webengine 5.15.11-3 (qt qt5)
local/qt5-x11extras 5.15.7-1 (qt qt5)
local/qt5-xmlpatterns 5.15.7-1 (qt qt5)

$ pacman -Qs | grep 5.15.2
No match

Hey there,

Thanks a lot, It really helped me in fixing the issue. I had the qt5-styleplugins installed in my system and after removing it, Wireshark started working fine.

Kudos to you.

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