Wireshark-cli - command not found

I wanted to capture all the network traffic, i do not know how to do it, but i read i can use wireshark somehow.
pamac install wireshark-cli
(network traffic and protocol analyzer/sniffer - CLI tools and data files)
wireshark-cli --help
bash: wireshark-cli: command not found
No manual entry for wireshark-cli
i also tried other variants like “wireshark” obviously, but same result
$ pamac install wireshark-qt
wireshark --help

works. It is a bit confusing that -cli package i would assume it will allow me to use the program.
Now i need to discover how to to filter out http, it does not seem to work (i have tried via GUI)

Wireshark has no CLI, it is a GUI application. But the “Wireshark Distribution” contains some CLI programs. tshark is close to what you will see in the GUI.

See the man pages for the CLI programs.

Tip use http as a filter. Or use tcp.port == 80 .

Well bugger I didn’t look at the second post