Wireless mouse with KVM switch

Just bought a TESmart KVM switch (link to product).
It’s connected to this computer (Manjaro KDE) and to a Windows computer.

I have a Logitech G710+ keyboard and a wireless Logitech Performance MX Mouse.
The keyboard has two USB connections, and the mouse has its wireless USB dongle.

The KVM switch has three USB sockets in the back. Two are marked with a keyboards/mouse icon, and the third is unmarked. According the the KVM user manual, it’s used for a shared USB resource, like a printer or a drive.

Since the keyboard has two USB connectors, I plugged them both into the mouse/KB USB sockets. The Mouse’s dongle is plugged into a USB socket on the keyboard.

When the KVM is switched to the Windows machine, it recognizes the keyboard and the mouse, without any issues, and they both work flawlessly. But when I switch back to this computer (the Manjaro one), only the keyboard is recognized.

On a final note, the Manjaro PC is a Lenovo T14 laptop, and it’s connected to the KVM via a Lenovo docking station.

Since the connections work correctly for the Windows machine, I’m guessing that the issue is with Manjaro (or it’s compatibility with the switch).

Question is: what could be the issue, and how would I attempt to solve it?

I have seen a few posts with answers like this one, but it doesn’t explain the how and why, and I’m reluctant to try something that I don’t understand.

I eventually found this post that shed some light on the situation. I managed to replicate the messages the OP saw, on my computer.

The solution, as given here and in various other posts, is to run the following:

sudo su
echo "blacklist hid_logitech_dj" > /etc/modprobe.d/logitech_dj.conf

Worked like a charm.

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