wireless headset sometimes has no audio until i reset the device mode

Hello !

I’m new to manjaro and I have this audio setup:

  • a Corsair Virtuoso wireless Headset
  • a raspberrypi connected to a dac + speakers Throught which i oplay ausio using the pulseaudio rtp over my local network.

    I use pulseaudio because itś the only one I managed to make work with the network sink.

But I have this issue sometimes my headset stop playing the audio and when I use the test button in Audio-SystemSettings I get this error Error trying to play a test sound. The system said: “Invalid state”
I can workaround by changing the audio mode back and forth, but that quite annoying to do each time.A

I never had this issue in Windows so I guess it either has somethging to do with the linux drivers or with pulseaudio ar maybe something else.