Wireless connection deactivates every few seconds

Every few seconds my wifi deactivates with a wireless interface notification, I don’t think it’s problem with my Wifi since it’s my first time encountering this, also I can’t even send details or logs because I can’t share it or go to forum with no wifi…

Tether your smartphone (assuming you have one).

You can connect it to your wifi and it’ll likely work - and then share the connection through wired (USB) thethering to your computer.

Check to see whether or not your WiFi connection is via a guest account that is set to expire after short use. May free WiFi connections companies offer to customers do this.

The problem was fixed by getting very close to my WiFi, it’s weird that manjaro requires stronger wifi otherwise it will disconnect…
Before installation manjaro I didn’t have this problem
It’s mostly likely my problem but I’ll look for a solution

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