Wired internet not working

So something went wrong with my router and i took Ethernet cable out and pluged it on pc directly (i know the connection Is good because i tries it on my laptop running Ubuntu and iza fine) , after that the Ivon just shows red x like nothong Is pluged in. I tries rebooting and shutimg down but didnt work. When itd pluged in router and the to pc it shows connected but cant reach internet, but shows Ivon with yellow symbol. Amy Help? Newby here

Edit: when i try to connect with nmtui it says Could not activate connection wired Is not availlable on device eno1 because device Has no carrier

Device 1 Intel Ethernet I219-v Asrock driver e1000e v kernel port na bus 001f

I’m not Amy, but learn how to type properly first before you go playing with utp cables.

Nice community, i am on the phone fyi

It’s been an hour and yet you can’t take 2 minutes to edit your post and make it coherent, so why should anyone else take their time to help you?