Wine unable to install a working ONVIF Device Manager, but a yes under Ubuntu 20.04

Wine under Manjaro, any problems?

For me this is a deal breaker for to transition to Manjaro as my regular used distro, I’ve been on this for several hours. My history, I had to upgrade from 16.04 to Ubuntu 20.04 flashback Metacity, then I’ve had to migrated to Ubuntu Mate which fully works for me, to escape from an inflexible Ubuntu 20.04 flashback Desktop where copy and paste is unavailable on the desktop. I can hardly believe they’ve released 20.04 under such restricted conditions.
Back to Manjaro, why can’t I install a simple cctv manager like ONVIF program under Wine when under Ubutnu 16.04 and 20.04 it just works?

Is there some problem running Wine under Manjaro that other distros don’t have? Manjaro, too clever by half?

no, there isn’t
but the fact that it is always the newest version, which keeps changing, might be

mkay … :wink:

If you already have the tools to do the work you need to have done …
why would you want to use tools that you don’t know how to use to do that same work - if not to learn …?

… and when the result isn’t what you expected even blame the tools you chose but didn’t know how to use?

on a rolling release like Manjaro or Arch, you’ll possibly need to constantly adapt certain configurations (adapt your tools, re-shape your work) in order to stay usable with the changed material (software) that work is made from.

There may be a potential ‘too clever by half’ in AUR

AUR (en) - onvifviewer

If that works there would be no need to WINE
This community would be able to help with any problems in Linux better than WINE

there was no obvious link in the PKGBUILD but here is the project’s site and description