Wine & Scrivener

Hi everyone. I wonder if anyone can help?

I’m trying to use Wine to install a Windows program called Scrivener.

I’ve followed all the instructions I can find and I can get so far but then it doesn’t work.

I followed this guy’s effort which he seems to think works fine but I can’t get it to install. I’ve created a 32bit prefix but each time I try and install it - it says I’m using a 64 bit system. I’m not sure why the prefix isn’t catching on.

I did manage to install it using an actual 32bit installer - but that wouldn’t open even though it registered as having been installed!

Obviously, this is a pain but if someone could take the time to help me I’d be most grateful!


If you are on stable branch, the wine 6.5 has some issues that got also mentioned in the forum, so some applications do not launch . This might help

but to me it seems only wine 6.6 works fine in the unstable branch.

Have you considered to try the free alternative Manuskript – Open-source tool for writers
You find it in our community repository.

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Thank you! I have bought Scrivener and been using it for a few years so it would be a shame to let it go.

I’m not sure if I’m on a stable branch I just followed the instructions on how to install Wine from here:

I’m afraid I’m a real newbie!

I’m sure your installation went fine, and the issue is strictly related to that wine bug in 6.5 version for some software, fixed with 6.6 version that is only available now in unstable branch.

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I don’t recommend using directly WINE to run your Windows programs inside Manjaro, you should use Lutris to install your application in its own WINE prefix that is only used for that specific program, and you will use WINE from Lutris, not the system (and you can even install various WINE version, and decide which one your program uses, and it will never change, and shouldn’t break if a buggy WINE updates comes to Manjaro repositories).

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I’m not sure I’ve heard of this? So Lutris first, then wine then an application?

There’s an old version of Scrivener in Appimage:

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Thanks @antman I actually have that but I have paid for the latest version which I used on my laptop running Win 10 so wanted to explore ways of getting it onto my Manjaro desktop!

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@omano I’ve installed Lutris but I don’t see how I can install my program - it seems to be just for games! Can you help, please?

Sure, in Lutris on top left corner click the + button, and fill some base information like the Name of application in first tab, the path of the Wine prefix in second tab (by default Lutris use ~/Games/NAMEOFAPPLICATION/ folder, use the folder you want to keep your application Wine folder), and select if your application is a 32 ou 64 bits in the Prefix architecture selection menu.
You can validate the addition of this ‘game’ by clicking Save at the bottom.

Your base is ready to install your program, now you can click it in Lutris, and then click on the glass icon at the bottom of the window, and click Run EXE inside Wine prefix to select your installer executable.
Once it has installed you can now return to the configuration of your Lutris application by right clicking it and going to Configure menu it will reopen the initial creation menu, from here select your executable in Game Option tab (it should be inside ~/Games/NAMEOFAPPLICATION/drive_c/wherever_it_installed/ in our example (in case of no installer, just manually put your application folder inside the “drive_c” folder of your Wine prefix to keep it tidy, but you can use an external folder wherever you want).
You can go to the Runner and System tabs where many settings can be selected, depending on the application this is where you can tweak lot of things if needed.

The glass icon used earlier can reveal many useful Wine configuration tools if needed.
The Play button has many sub menus too but most interesting are probably the ones to create desktop or start menu shortcuts for it.

At this point you’re basically done, and need Lutris only to reconfigure things, you just need the startup shortcuts that you can create from Lutris to use your application.

You can switch Wine version in your application configuration pages, and to install more Wine version you can use the Runners->Wine menu on left side in Lutris, and select the Manage version icons to install or remove Wine versions.

I think from there you can have a start.

Hiya! THANK YOU so much.

I followed your instructions and I may have come a little unstuck. I checked the logs and this is the output. Can you spot where I’ve gone wrong? Or is this a case of what another poster suggested that the version of Wine itself is not helping?Screenshot from 2021-04-14 11-24-52.png

Hi @fanjaro007, I have tried installing Scrivener using PlayOnLinux. A brief review of the application looks alright. Detailed testing will be required to provide a full assessment.

You reused the default .wine folder created during all your previous tests instead of doing what I explained?

I personally highly suggest that even if you get Scrivener working fine, you should try new stuff as well! Will be better in the long run to use something cross-platform. It would suck is Scrivener breaks again due to an update and you have to stop your work. I’ve paid for many different licenses for products on Windows, but swapped to a lot of alternatives for Linux.

Manuskript has a similar workflow to Scrivener. I have a lot of friends who uses Manuskript on Windows and Linux for writing and outlining, and they prefer it over Scrivener.

@antman Thank you.

I think I’m doing something wrong or my install of Manjaro is fundamentally flawed because I’ve tried everything :frowning: and it still doesn’t work,