Wine doesn't report to Alsa (no sound in games)

Anyone else experiencing this? Steam games work fine, no issue there, but non-Steam games won’t play any audio. They do work, however. At first I thought I’m lacking something for the game, but then realized nothing pops in pavucontrol. Never had this before, but also the last time I played a non-Steam game was back with Wine 6.something.

I also did Google a little, and it seems it was an issue back in the day as well. I also tried Wine 7.2.1 (pacman -S wine-staging), but I’m unsure if I’m missing something or not.

Uh, so I fixed it by installing:

`giflib lib32-giflib libpng lib32-libpng libldap lib32-libldap gnutls lib32-gnutls mpg123 lib32-mpg123 openal lib32-openal v4l-utils lib32-v4l-utils libpulse lib32-libpulse alsa-plugins lib32-alsa-plugins alsa-lib lib32-alsa-lib libjpeg-turbo lib32-libjpeg-turbo libxcomposite lib32-libxcomposite libxinerama lib32-libxinerama ncurses lib32-ncurses opencl-icd-loader lib32-opencl-icd-loader libxslt lib32-libxslt libva lib32-libva gtk3 lib32-gtk3 gst-plugins-base-libs lib32-gst-plugins-base-libs vulkan-icd-loader lib32-vulkan-icd-loader cups samba dosbox`

All Wine dependancies, following Glorious Eggroll’s advice by installing all Wine dependancies (that are not installed by default) - can’t use links, unfortunately, so can’t send the website I looked at, but you can open his github with wine-ge and he has a link to “how-to-get-out-of-wine-dependency-hell”, which I followed.

Now everything works, but there’s a farting sound coming out after launching programs or games that utilize sound (but only for a few sec, and stops). Basically, it’s a “fart-fart, fart-fart” and it’s gone. Might be cause something I have installed in Wine, but honestly it doesn’t bother me if it’s only at launch.

Hopefully I could help others as well with this post. Or rather, Glorious Eggroll could, because it’s because of his post I made it work.

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