Wine does not start anymore, wine can't start

wine-configuration opens but I have overseen this in the console.

WINEPREFIX=/home/rulinux/.customprefix winecfg
0138:err:module:open_builtin_so_file failed to load .so lib "/usr/lib32/wine/i386-unix/"

first time it turned out even this text after a while

WINEPREFIX=/home/rulinux/.customprefix winecfg
0100:err:module:open_builtin_so_file failed to load .so lib "/usr/lib32/wine/i386-unix/"
0110:fixme:console:default_ctrl_handler Terminating process 104 on event 0
0118:fixme:console:default_ctrl_handler Terminating process 20 on event 0
0114:fixme:console:default_ctrl_handler Terminating process fc on event 0

Would you write out the right command for it, please.

I do not have a clue what to use better instead of wheel??

Take care and sleep well. I am happy to here from you when you are up again. :innocent:

I’m sorry to say this, but I think your current state of /home directory is worrisome. Your Manjaro installation is probably already broken, because you have chown your second hard drive to the wheel group that end up changing your /home directory too. You can chown your /home back to rulinux, but I’m not sure it will solve the problem. No one knows what has been changed to your /root directory by your wheel group access. If you use wine to access your second hard drive using wheel group, the trouble might come again, and it’s even more dangerous.

I suggest you to make a backup of your second hard drive and reinstall Manjaro. But there is a chance that you might loose you data in that second hard drive. So, if you’re not sure about it, or if you don’t have enough experience in it, you need to seek help from someone around you who can access your PC and have adequate knowledge about linux operation.

Anyway, if you decide to do it yourself, then first you need to backup all of your data in your second hard drive form Manjaro Live USB/CD (or any linux live media) to an external hard drive or another USB stick. Look for a tutorial to mount hard drives from Manjaro Live in this forum or Manjaro wiki. If you can’t find one, make a new thread and ask people about it. Make a backup of your data and format your second hard drive using ext4 if you’re only use that on Manjaro or fat32 if you also use it with Windows. Don’t choose ntfs format. That format usually cause more problems than not. After you finish making a backup, you can reinstall Manjaro, mount your second hard drive, and copy back your data. Manjaro usually detect ext4 hard drive without needing to chown it to anyone. If not, then you need to manually mount it using mount command or through fstab.

That’s all I can say to you about this. But I’ve been wrong before. I’m still a noob in linux world too. So you can also wait if somebody here can give a better suggestion than mine. If you don’t mind to wait. Good luck. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks anyway for your help. Maybe someone else can help me.

I have booted my Computer with USB-Live-Stick and made a backup of my data and of /home directory.
Than I have reinstalled Manjora with “delete partition” with format “btrfs” + “swap: Yes” + encrypted. My second drive was already encrypted with btrfs + luks.
After reboot with USB-Live-Stick I have deleted the content of freshly installed @home and replaced it with my backup.
I have started my installed Manjoro OS and reinstalled all programs which I have written down in a list before except wine. Than I have deleted all old wine files (but not kwineffect… ones :upside_down_face:). Finally I have installed wine respectively mp3tag with wine from AUR.
See, finally everything works now - after many hours work!!

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