Wine application crashes on clicking File> Open

I have Wine 7.4 installed on latest updated Manjaro. I am using it to open an app named DWSim-Wine version. The app does not require an installation but has a direct executable file.
Whenever I open the app in a 32 Bit Wine prefix, it opens properly, but when I try to click on File> Open or File>Save, the application crashes.
The other users I know about do not face this problem, so I don’t think it is related with the software itself. Although I am using Linux for 10 years now, I am a complete newbie to ‘Wine’. Can someone advise me please? I don’t know whether the information I have given above is sufficient, so if additional information is required, please let me know. Thanks.

Unfortunately it isn’t. :wink:

Your profile says that you are using Manjaro in a VM on a Windows 10 host.
So, to me, wanting to run a Windows app in a Linux VM through wine seems a bit strange.

Perhaps consult the wine app database, where many apps are mentioned along with information on how to make them work and on what was necessary …

But you might get some informed answer if you post the log that is generated when you run the app from a terminal.

Is your Manjaro fully updated?
Wine is at 7.5-1, Stable and 7.7-1 in Testing and Unstable.

Apologies for unreadable post. Will capture the log and post once again.
Thanks for your understanding

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Some delay in response while I was trying to troubleshoot myself. Apparently, I could figure out the problem by comparing the folders and files from a very old previous software installation on an old version of Wine with this one.
Apparently, The software was missing all the folder shortcuts like ‘My Documents’, ‘My Music’, My Pictures’ etc. which is why the software was not able to open or save any files. So, I created these new shortcuts in the required folders in the Wine environment and then the File==> Save and File==> Open started working. Please mark this as a Solution if that can help others. Thanks you for your support.

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