Wine 7.12 does not connect to the internet properly

Hi, I often use LTSpice (a circuit simulator) under wine. LTSpice works very well in wine and the very author mentions wine as a way to run the software in Linux in the documentation.

LTSpice includes a function to update the software, that connect to the internet.

After the last update to wine, that function is broken as the internet connection fails.

  • Downgrading to 7.11 fixes the issue.
  • Upgrading to 7.13 from arch also fixes the issue.

Indeed wine 7.13 is only available on testing and unstable. And yes, probably 7.12 has the issue you described, but always possible to either, as you did, install it from Arch, or from the testing Manjaro branch

sudo pacman -U

Not sure when stable branch will get those updates …

I have noticed that while most stuff is moved to stable in a big group, a few applications receive updates, so to say, asynchronously (mainly packages with security patches and the browsers, such as firefox, chromium, thunderbird, etc). I wonder if this could be a case for promoting wine 7.13 to stable asynchronously (not having to wait for the big periodic update) from testing.

Wine is under heavy development for each release, sometimes fixing one thing for new applications makes older ones have issues. IMHO its best to use a wine front end like PlayOnLinux or Lutris to install windows apps. That way you can use different or older wine versions for each application and make application specific changes to them without making other applications have issues.