Windows10 VM Issues

I am using windows 10 VM in QEMU to run windows apps but some apps and games say it does not run on a VM is there a way to bypass this.

Need help

These apps look for some registry keys that are set differently when windows is installed as a VM.
Different keys for different programs - different strokes for different folks … :wink:
You’ll need to identify these and edit them accordingly.
Google is your friend.
This is again a windows specific question and this here is not the best place to look for help on these matters.

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Thank you but can you help me find what I need to change for badlion client.


I do not know that software nor what it is for.

now I do know - kind of …
it’s some minecraft launcher (a popular game, that’s all I know)

Just some more hints.

  • the cpu type, name and model is in the registry - a VM install can affect that
  • the Bios/UEFI brand and version may be checked
  • the mainboard type and model
  • the networking device - which is almost always a generic brand and model in a VM

… some more things possibly

I do not run Windows software.
I do not have Windows.
I never really have used it.

And this will be true for many if nor most people here.

This is just not a good place to ask such questions and expect on point answers.

… compare the registry of a real (bare metal) install to one that is a VM install
… note the differences

that is all I can tell you

Is that software really so special and irreplacable by something else?
… rhetorical question - sometimes it really is …

ask yourself what you want to do
and then look for linux ways to achieve that
it’s rarely a 1:1 equivalent

… why would any software refuse to run in a VM - just based upon it’s criteria of whether that is the case?
I’d classify
(for me, in my mind)
the makers of this software jerks - and move on …
instead of trying to find a way around their silly restriction

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If the goal is to run the badlion minecraft client read this: . There are probably some anti-cheat options running that detect the environment, there are might be way’s around this but you probably won’t find them here.

The game itself runs flawlessly - AFAIK
On Linux or Windows.
That would be good enough for me … :wink:
if I’d be playing games at all, or this particular one …