Windows placement to right edge of screen

In Manjaro Xfce 22.1.0 Talos, the “Windows manager tweaks”, allows me to place windows to the center of the screen when I select “At the center of the screen”, under the “Placement” tab.

I need to be able to choose window placement to snap to the “Right Edge” of the screen instead, without tiling to half or quarter of the screen.

When I open a program, Manjaro restores it to the same size as when I last closed it.
I need it to be restored to same size, but at the right edge of the screen.

By the way, I’m not talking about which monitor to open the window on, because I only have one monitor.

Is there a way I can accomplish this?? Without a lot of coding. Or, must I wait for the Manjaro Team to add this feature in the “Windows Manager Tweaks” tools??

Thank you

If you explain more about why you have this need, it might help in offering solutions.

XFCE is shared across many linux distros, not just Manjaro. xfwm4 including the tweak tool is here: Issues · Xfce / xfwm4 · GitLab

You could raise an issue to request the change, but a similar request 651 has been given no priority.

There is an open merge request that possibly does what you want, i.e. the coding has been done: Feature: window policies (!55) · Merge requests · Xfce / xfwm4 · GitLab

But using the merge request would be quite involved, i.e. compiling and deploying, and result in a custom version of xfwm4, making updates a messy process.

Alternative ways I can think of:

  • additional window manipulation tools
    For example xdotool can reposition windows, although it doesn’t seem capable of retrieving their size to calculate a useful position

  • an alternative window manager might have the setting you need

From reading the XFCE Window Manager FAQ, I do not believe there is a native option to open a window tiled to the right side. xfwm4-tweaks-settings is owned by XFCE.

However, there are some window manager settings under the Keyboard tab, like “Tile window to the right”. The desktop windows could be arranged and then save the Session under Session and Startup > Current Session tab.

Search for window placement at xfce’s forum. There are some interesting threads that might be helpful.

I finally made it back.
Thank you, mishmosh and stargazer, for your insight. I’ll try your suggestions soon.

As I was researching the suggestions from mishmosh and stargazer, and attempting to implement the tools to have the windows open to the right edge of the screen; I felt i needed to look at workspace settings. In workspace settings I noticed the “Margins” selection which I had seen before but had no need for it until now.

I felt I needed to open “Margins”, which stated, “Margins are areas on the edges of the screen where no window will be placed”. This is exactly what I needed, to keep the windows from the left edge of the screen where I had a workspace switcher panel docked. When I moved the cursor too close to the edge of left side of the monitor the panel would automatically unhide until I moved away from the edge.

Setting the left workspace margin to 99 was the solution I needed.

Now, by setting "window Manager Tweaks > Placement - to center if the screen,
and the “Workspaces” > Margins - left side to 99 is the solution I need.

I thank mishmosh and stargazer for their suggested solutions which probably would have worked, but now I thank God (Jesus) for guiding me to the needed solution I needed, the workspace margins which I didn’t know enough about to even ask questions in that direction.

Thank you, for your help. I posted this just in case someone else needs the same solution.

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