Windows not found after update

No, since they are on the same drive. I cannot change the order of partitions.

Alright, so I finally solved my problems I think. Whenever I did the boot-repair through the usb, I don’t think I booted the USB through EFI, so the /sys/firmware/efi didn’t exist, meaning I think did the guide for BIOS. Which I guess somehow broke my system since I was now forced to boot into BIOS and not efi. And I guess my windows was on the efi boot system (not entirely sure what is happening here tbh).

So my solution:
Boot manjaro on USB using UEFI and repair grub using the EFI guide. Then update-grub finally finds my windows partition!

Thanks for trying to help anyways @Falav


You’d go into your BIOS and put the Windows Bootloader as the top priority in the boot sequence. Or at the BIOS bootup screen, there should be an F key to select what to boot from. Same way you would boot from a LiveISO to install Manjaro or Windows.

But it looks like you’ve solved your issue already so that’s great!

Had the same problem, and this is the first time I have had to do this and I have been using dual boot on that very same compute for probably about 2 years. But this solved it for me. Thank you.

And I forgot to mention that this line was missing in the /etc/default/grub file so it had to be added, maybe that is the problem, got removed in the latest update by accident, third option would be alien conspiracy from planet 9.

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