Windows Kvm stuck on 1 or 2 cores

Hi, i recently created a windows kvm and i noticed that even after alloting all of my cpy cores it only showed 1 core in the kvm, i tried updating re creating and even trying diffrent versions or even stripped down versions like atlas os, but nothing changed, even in atlas os it was only showing 2 cores
NOTE: the windows in the kvm is not activated but i doubt that has to do with my cores not getting used

i am using a 12 thread, 6 core cpu i am using manjaro in a dual boot with win11, in that all my cores work as indented

You might be able to sort that out by adding following parameter to the qemu executable:

smp 6,cores=1,sockets=6,threads=1

or whatever you want and using the same topology in the XML file:

<topology cores='1' sockets='6' threads='1'/>

yes thx i already figured it out but i had one more isuue i cant install my drivers, i use amd cpu, it shows i dont have compatible hardware, also u mentioned 6 sockets, that wont work as windows normally only alows 1 or 2 sockets so it should be 1 socket 2 threads, 6 cores in thr topology
and without the drivers the overall experience is very laggy

AMD has the drivers included in the kernel … Not sure what and where you want to install them.

i mean when i go on the windows kvm and install the drivers it shows me that i dont have a amd graphics card and the overall performence of the kvm is very low

It depends if you did go by this PCI passthrough via OVMF - ArchWiki or not …

yes i did my hardware is compatible so is the bios