Windows FileZilla in Arch?

System is 6.2.16-2-MANJARO on X86_64
Hi all. I have downloaded and installed FileZilla and it looks completely out of place. It looks like a Windows app in a Linux System. Has anyone seen a FileZilla look-alike that fits the Manjaro Desktop. This system uses Plasma but I just want it to look like it belongs. If necessary I will stick with it as it has some Storj decentralized file system integrations that I need. Any ideas?

If you installed it from the official repositories, then it will normally adapt to the chosen gtk3 theme.

Check your GTK theme settings in…

System Settings → Appearance → Application Style

There is a button in the lower right for choosing a GTK theme.

What does your FileZilla look like and what do you expect it to look like?

On my plasma system filezilla looks like it belongs


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I was going to rename to topic because right now the title is … strange to say it politely… and then i realized i can’t formulate it better because i don’t understand what the OP asks/wants… because HE doesn’t know what he asks/wants :rofl:

Is he asking for FTP client alternatives to Filezilla… or is he asking how to theme programs on his KDE Plasma? Or maybe he wants to run some other windows program under linux :person_shrugging:

Anyways, in my opinion, running a kernel that is not EOL is a LOT more important than the icons and theming. I would start with updating the kernel to 6.1 or 6.4 and then wolly about the cosmetics.


Oh, you have a ploblem plonouncing the “L”? Then you’ll nevel make it as a pilate! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Pamac Package Manager has a number of alternative choices for the FileZilla Package. After trying the Flatpack and AUR packages I selected FileZilla-unstable-bin. This appeared acceptable to me and I proceeded to download its latest update. One small problem was a warning window about the SQlite config file not doing its job. This I deleted and FileZilla recreated a new version that now works.

Happy now.

So the solution to finding alternative to filezilla was…filezilla from aur :rofl: :man_facepalming:

p.s. “The community”, a.k.a. “Some Anonymous User” flagged the above post as “offensive, abusive, hateful”. I tried very hard to find the offensive part so that i can correct it, but i failed. So i have a suggestion: how about this anonymous person, who seem to be humorless and very sensitive soul, adds me to his ignore list? If he/she/it/they/* (i’ll be gender neutral not to hurt the feelings of * anymore) tells me who * is, i can add * to my ignore list too! I just cannot promise i will never ever make jokes or post emojis anymore, sorry, it’s just me.

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