Windows Checksum Tools


Both the wiki and the Getting Started .PDF indicated there are no native Windows tools for verifying checksums. Are people unaware of the three options in Windows or is there some issue with them? I checked my download with all three methods and they all came back with the correct checksum so I’m a little confused.


Well I know of one them. And it’s built into PowerShell. Get-FileHash

You mean this Check a Downloaded ISO Image For Errors - Manjaro ?

Probably that page 21.

Checking in Microsoft Windows

Unlike Linux, Microsoft Windows does not have any suitable built-in tools so you will need to download and install a checksum utility application. A web search will turn up several examples of free software, or you can look on the website. Another free checksum utility which has positive reviews is Raymond’s MD5 & SHA Checksum Utility. This is the program we will use in the md5-sha-1-checksum-utility/following example.

Yes, that’s the one. It says the same thing in the Getting Started Documentation. Is there some issue with the Windows tools I’m unaware of?

At a CMD prompt you can use certutil -hashfile or, in File Explorer, you can literally right click on the file name and select CRC SHA and select the algorithm.

Maybe we should start by defining what you meant by

when both articles provide links to the native Windows applications for such tool. If you did not find the link, here is the direct one to the zipped QuickHash-GUI v3.3.0 for Windows | QuickHash GUI that has both 32bit and 64bit executable files and libraries …