Windows Button doesn't work after restart

Hello Community,
I have shortly a little Problem:
after I restart my Laptop The Windows Button that should open the the Start Menu in the Taskbar doesn’t respond any more, I have to Manuel go to the Taskbar to open it.

Also the XFCE Wallpaper and Personal Setting was set back to Default and i don’t really know why. I have now re customize it.
But can’t find the solution for the Windows Button.

I also try a External Keyboard.

…I using a Dell i7-8750H Laptop
Keyboard Layout Dell Swiss German Setting

thanks for any help
Best regards

Hi,In Applications Menu - Settings- Configuration Manager - Keyboard - Application Shortcuts, add
xfce4-popup-applicationsmenu or
then put the key or combination of keys you want ej

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Thanks very much :slight_smile:

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Thanks pablomhr. It worked!

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