Windows boot partition doesn't show up with manual partitioning install

I want to install Manjaro alongside Windows 10. At the start installer gave me option to install Manjaro alongside Windows automatically downsizing Windows partition, but i didn’t trust that option. I chose the second one to install it on a unoccupied partition, that I created in Windows. I proceeded with the installation, but on startup i didn’t get Manjaro boot manager, so i decided to install it again. This time it corrupted my Windows boot sector and I had to spend some time recovering it. As I finally managed to get Windows as a boot option in BIOS I tried to install Manjaro once again. Now, the installer gives me two options to erase the entire disk or manually partition it. Obviously, i choose the second option. It lists 50 GiB of unused, unformatted space created in Windows by shrinking the system volume, 426,4 GiB NTFS Windows system partition, ~0,5 GiB NTFS partition probably for Windows restore point, 50 MiB NTFS partition with the label “Reserved_by_system”. Following youtube tutorial for Manjaro installation I created a 34 GiB root partition and wanted to create a 16 GiB swap partition, but i got error saying that partition table of my drive already has 4 partitions and no more can be added. Delete one partition or create extended one. I also need a partition for EFI boot, but the Windows FAT32 boot partition doesn’t show up and i create one because i already have 4. I finally decided not to create the swap partition and only figure out the boot partition part.
I don’t want to waste any more time dealing with this, so Im asking you. Shall I create an extended partition with 300MiB FAT32 /boot/efi partition and other partition with the rest of free space for Linux system? Will it work?

First of all, you have to disable Fast Boot in Windows. When you click Shut Down in Windows, its default setting is to go into hibernation in order to allow a quicker startup. When it is hibernated, Linux can´t detect it. That might explain all your woes.

I booted into the liveUSB in nonUEFI mode and it showed the option to install on existing partiom again, also this time I choose for the boot menager to be installed in “/” instead of master boot record and now the system installed properly and is working.

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