Windows boot manager override manjaro boot manager

I don’t know when to start. so… i have 2 ssd’s. one is for manjaro (2TB), another one is for MS Windows 10 (500 gb). When i need manjaro i just logging in manjaro, when windows - to windows. But today my daily routine was ruined by one simple fact: MS boot manager override from ssd of 500 gb to ssd of 2 TB and override manjaro linux. i dont know how this happened, but consider fact thats MS windows collecting terrabytes of data i guess the problem is in MS windows and its not just are glitch but specially feature of ms windows to destroy other operational systems. So now even if i physically disconnect 500 Gb ms windows disk i still have MS windows boot manager instead of manjaro. Mb it all sound stupid, but i need some help to recovery my data and override back to manjaro linux. How can i do this?

Hi @sneakybeaky, and welcome!

AFAIK you’re right. Windows is a jealous one, and Windows doesn’t want to share. So if it finds it had tom usually during an update, it will enter uninvited, and “fix” everyting the way it likes thing and to hell with the owner.

Stupid Windows. Bad Windows. It BUURRRNS us!!!
We hates it preciousss. Yes, preciousss. HATES it!

You’ll have to restore GRUB manually:

and make sure the boot priority is correct in the BIOS/UEFI.

Hope this helps!

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Hopefully you recovered your Manjaro access through GRUB recovery.

I have the same setup on my laptop. Windows boot loader caused me a lot of boot-related problems.

To avoid this, I used EasyBCD to choose what OS to boot to at first through the Window bootloader, where if Manjaro is selected the it initiates Manjaro’s boot sequence.

Don’t fight it, use it …