Windows and Window Bar appear in small size

Hi, I am new to manjaro, switching from Mac to Linux. I am currently trying to set up everything to get productive, however some application and also the Window Bar Icons appear/render really small (unsure what wording to use here :slight_smile: ).
Sadly I cant upload screenshots (as this i my first post), so this is my current Display Configuration:
Dell Inc. 49
Resolution: 5120x1440
Scale: 1.5x

To give some more Information, if I open the terminal, it is in the correct size, however a lot of application like Intellij (I installed), but also preinstalled software like Gimp or Kvantum Manager i can hardly read my own code/adjust settings, as it is so small.

Pictures provided in comment below

Any suggestions appreciated :slight_smile:

did you set the font size in appearance?

hi @kerry_s, increasing the font size in appearance has for me only the effect of increasing the size of the letters in the top bar, but not of the content of the window itself, intellij and gimp are still small.

Beware font configuration for the window manager (title bars) is separate from the global settings.

Hi @maycne.sonahoz, thanks for your response, yes I am aware. My Trust level got upgraded so I am able to share the problem via Pictures with you, i think this makes it a whole lot easier. This are my Display Settings

And this is a terminal window next to intellij.

There are actually two problems:

  1. The Window of intellij (also other applications like gimp …) does not scale correctly, so its hard to read, terminal windows does
  2. The Top Bar and the Top Bar Icons are far to small, thats why the bottom Pixels of Terminal or decision tree in the Top Bar are also cut off

Ok so basically you need to use HiDPI.

Hi @maycne.sonahoz, the described steps (Default-xhdpi, Custom DPI 192, edit .profile)in the answer helped me to solve the issue, thanks!
Just out of interest, I was only able to make the changes in the .profile work by rebooting my computer. Is there a way to achieve this without rebooting?
Here are my settings btw for someone having the same problems

@maycne.sonahoz I checked a lot of application, and all of them look fine, besides Viewnior (scales to small) and Access Prompt(scales to big), do you have any additional ideas?

AFAIK, modifying your environment variables in a session configuration file requires you to restart your user session in order to apply. You can also change a variable in a terminal, but then it will only apply to applications you open from that terminal.

I don’t use HiDPI so i only conjectured. For more precise cases, you’ll need someone else or to search by yourself.
Speaking of access prompt, do you mean the session login screen ?

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