Windows and manjaro problem

I have acer nitro5 and i have windows 10 on ssd and i installed manjaro on hdd.
the problem when i restart my laptop it boots to windows or i have to press F12 and chose and sometimes it doesnt work, add to that manjaro takes long time.
i tried to use esayBCD to havr the menu to chose the system but it doesnt work due to the UEFI mode.
i just need to know how to make manjaro is the defult system and stop booting into windows.
sorry for my english

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Hi @sulaiman, and welcome!

I’ve never done it myself, but according to this post, it’s quite easy:

Setting the default booting entry in grub

The quick method: download the grub-select.bash and run

$ bash grub-select.bash

and choose the boot entry.

Following is the manual way.

In grub (before version 2, actually it is usually version 0.99), the default entry is stored in /boot/grub/grub.conf. The default entry to boot is specified by the ‘default’ variable such >as


The ‘2’ here is to set the default entry to be the 2nd (start from 0) one.

Update on Apr. 29, 2015: updated posts with support to both BIOS and UEFI based Linux systems; suggest the grub2-regen-cfg.bash script for re-generating grub2 config file.

Hope it helps!