Windows and browser render issue after latest update (GNOME 44.1, Wayland, kernel 6.2.16, amdgpu)

Using manjaro Gnome I experience an issue with windows in general (screenshot

) and in particular with my Browser (brave, latest version, screenshot


Stateing the obvious: before the last software update (400+ items in pamac) everyrhjng was perfectly fine.

System Info:

Graphics driver: amdgpuq
Mesa: 23.0.3)
Kernel: 6.2.16

As you can see, all windows render with a broken “shadow” (which is not a fancy bs that I try to have, btw) and in Browser all pages stopped rendering the content properly, to a degree where it is ununsable.

Games however work fine, I am able to start steam and access my games, those have no issue (which excludes general amdgpu issues from my understanding).

Any help in this case is much appreciated, thanks

@Aragorn I see the topic was moved to Graphics driver issue section, but IMHO this is not an issue with Amdgpu driver.

Since any video game i am playing is working perfectly fine and it is just desktop applications and windows freaking out, my modest guess would be window manager or something else in that direction.

The issue persits for me and is super anoying, as you can imagine.

If there is other input neededthan what I provided, pls let me know and I am more than happy to provide it.

The Graphics & Display category covers more than just the graphics drivers themselves. Problems with Wayland or X11 could just as easily fall into this category. :wink:

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I checked with X11 render as well, with the same result, as seen here:

Still any feedback is much needed and appreciated