Window title buttons editor has broken layout

Due to some reason the window title buttons editor is completely unusable: almost all editable buttons are out of the editing field. I can only see at most one button at each side.

Latest manjaro, all updates, kwin_x11, amdgpu, screen resolution: 1080.

The only workaround is to edit kwin conf manually .

How it looks (Majaro, Plasma 5.22.5 + Frameworks 5.87.0)

How it should look like (OpenSUSE Leap, Plasma 5.18.6 + Frameworks 5.76.0):

is it related to what was said here?:
" KDE Window Decorations UI with Drag&Drop broken

When going to System-SettingsWindow DecorationsTitlebar Buttons the UI interface doesn’t allow you to drag and drop buttons any more.

Right, thanks! So we are waiting for 5.23.x

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