Window switcher?

Is there a widget to switch to any open app like just a icon & you click it to see a list of all the open windows? I have it, but it is a whole button listing the title of the window>

That’s the only one, I’m afraid. It used to be a single icon in the past, but as of a few Plasma versions ago it now also contains the window title. :man_shrugging:

Hmmm, wonder why they got rid of it?

Well, they didn’t get rid of it; they simply extended it to include the window title.

Any way to unextend it?

Not unless you’re willing to modify the code. :man_shrugging:

No, man just it being a icon would have been so much better. Oh, I got it, pick the icon only task-manager.

Well, feel free to file a feature request at either or :man_shrugging:

I have it, but the thing won’t move to another place. Maybe I should wait for 6 & see what is new.

According to a test run of Plasma 6 I did with a KDE Neon live image, it’s still the same in Plasma 6 as it currently is in Plasma 5, i.e. the icon plus the window title.

I’ve reopened the thread now, because it does appear possible to have it show only the icon.

Right-click the Window List applet and choose "configure. And then… :point_down:

… untick that box. :wink:

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