Window Rules not cooperating

I’m new to this, but I I’m a fast learner. I went to the Window Rules clicked Import when I go to Download nothing appears in the Import Rules System Settings. But yet when I go into the Dolphin file manager the download files are there. Why does this happen? How can I fix this issue. Thank you in advance.

My English is very bad…
From where did you import the Files?
And where did you find the Files?
I found the Windows-Rules in my System.
Have you tried to get a new Rule? In my “mind” (i am a Mechanik) you must import at first, than use them with “great a new Rule”. Mybe this ist the Register you searched.
In Deutsch: Bist du sicher dass du nach dem Importieren das Zeug nicht “einbinden” also installieren oder aktiveren musst. Links ist ein Button mit neuen Regeln, möglicherweise findest du darin deine.

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