Window position after screen save


using Stable w Wayland / KDE, because of crashes with xwayland I switched Firefox, Chrome and Thunderbird to native Wayland. No more crashing.
After screen save these windows will be restored outside the Desktop in different sizes, depending upon they were active. Have to use move back into viewport by right clicking in the Task Manager and resize them every time.
I get that Wayland is kind of contested because it somehow lacks some functions, e.g. I haven’t found any way to programmatically save all window positions and restore them - but then again other programs don’t have that problem.
I am at a total loss
a) How to fix this
b) How to eventually mitigate this
c) Where to open up an error report. Is the problem with the framework or the apps ?
d) What to put in there, because there is nothing the error logs, since it seems not to be an error.

Any help appreciated,
thanks in advance.

Hi @t0ben, and welcome!

While I don’t use Wayland, so I’m not at all sure if my answers will even work, and I don’t even answers to all your questions, I might be able to help with these:

I don’t know if there is something to fix, as I don’t think this is “part of”/“can be done” with Wayland.

What I do, with X11, is I have window open position rules. This way my windows always open at the same place initially. I did this the following way:

  1. Open the window and position it as you want it to be.
  2. Open the Launcher ahnd go to System Settings.
  3. On the window that appears, go to Window ManagementWindow Rules
  4. Once there, click on the Add New… button at the bottom of the window.

  1. In the window that appears, provide a Description for the rule. This can be anything, as it’s only for your use.
  2. In the bottom, click the button to and go to the window you just opened and click on it to use its current properties in the new rule

  1. Select the properties you want to apply to the rule and click the :heavy_plus_sign: next to it. When done, close the popup.

  2. Back in toe New rule form/window, inspect everything to make sure it’s correct and press Apply.

This should, at least theoretically, set the Window rules. But note again: I don’t have any iidea if it’ll work in Wayland or not. But it shouldn’t do harm to test. You can always delete the rules again if you don’t want then, or modify them if necessary.

Hope this helps!

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