Window List "Always group windows" preference is lost at end of session

I’ve been using the “Always group windows” preference with MATE’s Window List panel applet for years. Recently I’ve noticed that every time I start a new session, that preference no longer applies by default and I need to reset it.

I’ve discovered that the appropriate preference is saved in ~/.config/dconf – in particular, the following snippets exist in the output from dconf dump /


But dconf-editor reports that there’s no schema available for the key /org/mate/panel/objects/windows-list/prefs/group-windows, as shown here:

Could this be the reason why the preference is saved but not applied? If so, where do I report this?

This was a bug in the new 1.26 MATE release, however it has already been fixed:

Either you wait until there is a point release of mate-panel (hopefully soon) also packaged in Manjaro or you compile mate-panel from source:

This should not be a problem because the key is created for every window list you add. E.g. when you add 100 window-lists hundred of keys have to be created

Thank you! That helps a lot.