Window-Icons don't have the same size

I’m new to manjaro and started playing a bit with custom themes. I have installed the Layan global theme, as well as Kvantum. Now most things are fine but I discovered that some windows have in their top bar different icon sizes. For example comparing the window-icons (min, max, close) of the system settings menu with those of the software center: they have different sizes and I want them to have the same sizes. How can I do this?

Could this have something to do with the fact that I used display scaling (since I’m haveing a high resolution screen)?

Any suggestions are appreciated :slight_smile:

Hey, welcome to the forums.

I think you’ll have trouble with getting this perfect tbh. Window decorations are really silly. I’m assuming you’re using XFCE?

For me, Firefox window decorations render different to regular windows and pamac-gui marches to the beat of it’s own drum too, changing theme in one place never affects every program the same.

QT and GTK programs have their own themes, it’s all a bit tedious.

I’d say post a picture but you’ve got to use the forum for a little bit first.

Please read this:

because most themes are outdated and not maintained any more. So have a look at the last modification date of any theme before you install it and please: take backups!

Yup: these themes predate the Hi-DPI era and have no clue WTF is happening!


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