Job:Create new partition on device ‘/dev/sda’
Command:sfdisk --force --append /dev/sda
Failed to add partition ‘New Partition’ to device ‘/dev/sda’.


I unchecked “Plasma settings → Removable Storage → Removable Devices → On Login and On Attach”.
The problem is still the same!
Both single and dual system installations,the error was reported at the partition step!
I suspect the error was related with lenovo computer BIOS !
My PC is lenovo TianQi.

It is possible the installer cannot see your system storage device.

If your device uses NVMe - then your USB will be sda - and creating a partition in the empty space of the USB will fail because Manjaro uses ISO9660 - a readonly - filesystem.

This can be caused by Intel RST (vmd), firmware raid or device not connected using AHCI.

Thanks for your help!

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